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  1. I will not participate on Twitter while D*nald Tr*mp has an active account. #VoteWithYourTweet Use your voice. Join us on votewithyourtweet.com/
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  2. Had enough now. Find me on mastodon: @type_error@indieweb.social Or on my website/rss: localghost.dev Thanks for everything Twitter friends, it has truly been a pleasure and I owe you all a great deal 💜
  3. But if Twitter goes down where do I go to complain that my mastodon server is down
  4. In the death throes of bird site, here’s the tweet that inspired my domain type__error/1023867097682722816
  5. If I’m gonna do this mastodon thing what servers are people doing
  6. Downloading my data just in case. It’s sad to think we might lose this platform - I’ve made so many friends and I’m grateful for the platform I’ve had. Not sure if I’ll get on the mastodon train, but you can always find me at localghost.dev - subscribe to my RSS feed!
  7. Joe Lycett has a very important message for David Beckham about his involvement with Qatar 🌈🏳️‍🌈 joelycett/1591767179707432960
  8. While we're riding the post-ffconf nostalgia wave, I've written up my State of the Browser 2022 talk, where I rebuilt some classic 90s/00s web features in modern HTML, CSS and JS! localghost.dev/blog/building-a-website-like-it-s-1999-in-2022/
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  9. Imagine charging £699 for a conference and not paying your speakers
  10. My heart is full of warm fuzzies and love for the frontend community after a brilliant #ffconf. I made some new friends, saw lots of old ones, and watched some amazing talks. It was a privilege to be a part of its return 💜
  11. So not only did rem give all the #ffconf speakers a refurbished game boy, he wrote an ACTUAL GAME featuring all the speakers. It’s set in the Duke of Yorks Picturehouse, and I’m especially tickled as I’m employee of the month and I actually worked for Picturehouse for 6 years 😂
  12. Clapception #ffconf
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  13. Not ready for #ffconf to be over ;_;
  14. Getting some really lovely feedback from #ffconf attendees about my talk about personal websites - going to thread some resources and links!
  15. I usually tweet my way through conferences but I’ve just been watching and absorbing the other #ffconf talks today, and what a day it’s been so far! No idea how I’m going to make it through the after party though 😴
  16. Welp it appears the #ffconf wall makes pictures VERY BIG so everyone should post memes
  17. Apparently I have a ton of monzo stickers so come and find me if you want one! #ffconf
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  18. Just got a very cool lobotomised owl sticker from heydonworks #ffconf
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  19. Wheeee Brighton here I cooooome
  20. May we all be this capybara living his best life
  21. Did I just delete and repost a tweet three times to get the caption right? Not me, no
  22. Generation α finding an abandoned Twitter.com in 2072
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  23. "all too well 10 minutes is both a bop and a timer" - CarolSaysThings
  24. Job alert: my pal yasarfati is hiring senior full stack and frontend engineers for his sales automation startup! userled.io/careers
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  25. If there’s anyone who doesn’t need an advocate, it’s the devil
  26. For anyone else panicking about sudden lack of London-Brighton trains on Thursday: TLRailUK/1589177122572181505
  27. Why are there suddenly no trains to Brighton on Thursday 😱
  28. I've just got a load of new followers, a lot of whom are apparently veterans and supporters of T***p. Can't think why they'd be following me. Has there been a sudden influx of bots?
  29. Honestly I can’t imagine how stressful things are at Twitter HQ right now but I am in AWE of the god tier shitposting coming from Tweeps right now
  30. I don’t know where I’ll go if Twitter implodes - I don’t use any other social media any more and I didn’t get on with mastodon. Twitter’s format is perfect for short-burst shitposts. My blog does have an RSS feed if you want to follow me there!
  31. The DALL-E prompt was "A basement filled with archive boxes labelled 'TWEETS'" but this is really the best possible outcome isn't it
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  32. Joined the Monzo union 🙌 While I don't need it right now, I figured it was a good thing to do!
  33. I mean, it’s one blue tick, Elon. What could it cost? $20?
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  34. Something good I read recently: Proving Ground by Kathy Kleiman. It’s about the ENIAC 6, a group of 6 women who were instrumental in building the world’s first electronic supercomputer. uk.bookshop.org/books/proving-ground-the-untold-story-of-the-six-women-who-programmed-the-world-s-first-modern-computer-9781787388628/9781787388628 (Hurst kindly sent me a preview copy for review!)
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  35. Halloween is for dressing up and pretending that I wouldn’t dress this way every day if I could be bothered. Also, spot the reason half my twitter pals at State of the Browser didn’t recognise me…!
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  36. Is it possible to do a COUNTIF style aggregation on notion? Seems like no?
  37. My Lifetime ISA can only be used on house purchases up to 450k and house prices are past that. Early withdrawals cost 25% of account balance, supposedly to cover the HMRC bonus they pay you on the deposits, but I’d actually lose >£1k.
  38. Lots of next.js complaints today. I've definitely become more pro-vanilla HTML/CSS/JS and pro-avoiding frameworks where possible. But Next is super useful for what we do at Monzo, where we have a massive customer service platform with loads of sponsoring teams contributing...
  39. Lots of love to my pals at incident_io who are live on Product Hunt today! I honestly think they are building something brilliant and game-changing, so do check it out 👀 incident_io/1585167408746172416
  40. I really wish Slack could display a banner at the top of a channel that was big enough that people actually saw it. It’s a constant struggle to get people to post in the right channel, because the channel description is so tiny and hidden that nobody looks at it